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Procure sustainably

Green procurementWe will meet our needs for goods and services to achieve value for money throughout the whole-life of the product/service. This will generate benefits to the Trust and also to society and the economy, while minimising damage to the environment.

Our commitment

  • Consider whole-life cycle costs of products purchased
  • Increase staff awareness of sustainable procurement
  • Increase the use of national contracts let by NHS Supply Chain (NHSSC) and the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Buying Solutions where it is clear that sustainability issues have been addressed
  • Include relevant sustainability criteria in procurement specifications and consider “variants” to enable bidders to offer innovative solutions
  • Ensure suppliers have, or are working toward Environmental Management accreditations (ISO14001, EMAS or BS8555 or equivalent)
  • Ensure clear, effective and transparent procurement procedures
  • Reduce the number of supplier deliveries by a reduced number of distributors including NHS Supply Chain and commercial distributors.

How we’ll achieve it

  • Evaluate all contracts on a whole-life cost basis
  • Increase awareness and training of sustainability issues for Trust supplies staff
  • Examine national framework agreements for the potential utilisation of existing contracts prior to bespoke contracting
  • Revise ‘Invitation to Tender’ documents to include sustainability criteria and a requirement for suppliers to have or be working toward Environmental Management accreditations
  • Revise ‘Invitation to Tender’ documents to include the option to offer alternative supply routes

How we’ll measure it

  • Departmental training records/mandatory training
  • Monitor the number of national contracts utilised on an annual basis (information to be provided by NHSSC/OGC)
  • Auditing tender invitation documents
  • Identify top five distributor/supply routes and monitor the number of supplier deliveries

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