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Improving the safety of patients during their stay with us is a main priority for the Newcastle Hospitals Trust.

Research has shown that by encouraging patients and their families to work together with hospital staff, safety can be improved during the patient’s stay in hospital.

We have implemented a project called ‘ThinkSafe’ which helps these three groups of people to co-operate and improve patient safety. 

ThinkSafe video

You can watch a video about the ThinkSafe project:


Elements of ThinkSafe

ThinkSafe has four main elements which help staff, patients and their families to work together to create a better, safer experience for patients:

1. Patient handbook

We're currently giving patients a ThinkSafe handbook when they're admitted for planned major general or urology surgery at the Freeman Hospital. The handbook contains information for patients and their family to read, and sections to complete. The handbook includes:

  • information about the patient
  • what you can do to enhance your safety in hospital
  • notes about your care
  • information and contacts.

The handbook also includes a notepad for patients to write down any questions they might have during their hospital stay.

2. Film

Called ‘A safety guide for patients and families’, patients can watch a specially-produced film before they’re admitted to hospital. The film is also shown at the patient’s bedside and covers:

  • how patients can make changes to their behaviour to improve safety
  • suggested actions that patients can take
  • possible barriers to involving patients in improving their safety.

3. ‘Talk-time’ session

Talk-time sessions give staff the chance to discuss safety with patients and their family at key points in the patient’s stay, including: when the patient is first admitted; during the patient’s stay; and when the patient is discharged.

4. Staff training

We run educational sessions for our hospital staff which covers the theory and evidence behind improving patient safety. The sessions support staff to involve patients and families in our work to improve safety for patients.

More information

If you received a ThinkSafe logbook, please let us know your thoughts about it - this would help us judge whether the handbook would benefit more patients.

You can get more details about the ThinkSafe project from:

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