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Working together

Working in partnership with other organisations, our staff, patients and visitors, we can do much more to minimise our impact on the environment than by working alone.

Green Champions

We have a group of staff called the Green Champions who help us improve our environmental performance and implement projects across our hospitals.

Patients and visitors

Whether you're a patient or a visitor to one of hospitals, you can help minimise our impact on the environment:

  • Recycle waste where possible, we have recycling bins in our restaurants
  • Switch off televisions screens when beds are not in use
  • Ensure taps and lights are switched off when leaving rooms
  • Report any faults to nursing staff, who will report them to our helpdesk.

See below for other things you can do:

What you can do

When in any of our buildings, people can help to save money and minimise our impact on the environment by doing a range of simple things:

Electrical appliances

Myth: When an appliance is left on standby, it’s off.

  • Reality: Electrical devices continue to consume power when on standby. Be especially aware of equipment that has a remote control: this is a tell-tale sign that the equipment is on standby while waiting to receive the “on” signal from the remote.

Action: Ensure electrical devices are switched off at the mains.

Room heating

Myth: Turning a thermostat up to well above the temperature required will heat up a room faster.

  • Reality: A room will heat up at the same rate, whether the thermostat is set to 20°C or 25°C. If the thermostat is set above the temperature required, energy will be wasted once that temperature is achieved.

Action: Set your thermostat at a confortable level - 18 to 21 degrees C is usually fine.


Myth: Turning a computer on and off frequently uses more power and damages the hard drive.

  • Reality: The belief that frequent shut-downs are harmful comes from the days when hard drives did not work as effectively as they do now. Modern hard drives are not significantly affected by frequent shut-downs.

Action: When you don't need to use the computer for more than a few hours, make sure it's switched off

Sustainability Working Group

We have developed a Sustainability Working Group to make sure our plans for sustainability become a reality.

The group meets every two months and theme holders bring performance information to each meeting so the group can monitor progress towards the main strategy aims. The group receives regular presentations from external service providers which can offer products/services to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Aims of the group

To lead on Trust sustainability issues on behalf of the Trust Board. To monitor progress towards our Sustainability Strategy and suggest ways of improving performance.


Key Theme Holders (energy, waste, water, IT, building, travel and procurement), clinical leaders, Non-Executive Director, operational managers.

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