About Us

Aims of the Trust

As an NHS organisation, we are committed to playing our part in delivering a health service where Equality and Diversity are embraced by all, and communicated in the everyday work of our staff. The Trust aims:

  • to promote equality in health care and, in collaboration with other organisations, be responsive to the needs and wishes of patients and their relatives. 
  • to be accessible and user friendly, and to ensure that patients continue to receive the supportive and personalised care they need. 
  • to enable staff to deliver a high quality of service to patients, recognise the commitment of staff, and endeavour to develop and reward them appropriately. 
  • to maintain and enhance our reputation as a centre of excellence in the fields of teaching, training, and research, and to further consolidate our relationships with the two local universities and other relevant organisations. 
  • to secure the appropriate resources, within which we will seek to operate effectively and efficiently to ensure value for money. 
  • to address the organisational and communications challenges posed within a large, technically complex, and diverse organisation. 
  • to develop the existing strong patterns of team work and shared purpose, and use these as a foundation for further co-operation in the changing patters of health care delivery. 
  • to ensure that the benefits of development, advances, and innovations in health care, continue to be made available to patients and shared with other service providers. 

In conclusion, the Trust’s vision aims to ensure that all people have the same opportunities to access the best possible health services, and are treated with dignity and respect. This will support the best health outcomes, irrespective of their individual circumstances, or any conditions that may otherwise affect them.

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