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This page tells you about the Trust’s Governors, and their role in helping us improve our services to patients.  

You can find information about:

Governor Elections 2015 

Elections for Governors were held in June 2015. 

You can see the results of the elections in each of the constituencies below:

Governor Elections 2016

The latest annual elections for Governors were held in June 2016. 

You can see the results of the elections in each of the constituencies below:

Please note, all voters in the elections have two votes to cast on each ballot paper - however some voters may choose to cast only one vote. For this reason, the 'total number of votes cast' in the above documents is not the sum total of the number of votes for each candidate.

Governor roles and responsibilities

Our Governors:

  • act as guardians of the organisation by engaging with Trust Members, patients and the public. They are the link between them and the Trust, and represent the wider public interest
  • give advice for consideration by the Board of Directors when making strategic decisions on matters affecting patient care
  • monitor the performance of the Trust to hold the Board of Directors to account
  • contribute to the achievement of the Trust’s vision, values, aims and objectives, ensuring we deliver high quality services
  • act as ambassadors for the services of the Trust.

Governors have these responsibilities so they can contribute and input to the information needed by Directors so they can take decisions on patient care at a strategic level. 

Statutory responsibilities

Governors also have statutory responsibilities to fulfil: 

  • appointing  the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors
  • appointing the Trust external auditor
  • ratifying the appointment of the Chief Executive
  • making decisions on remuneration for Non-Executive Directors (including the Chairman).

Ambassadorial role

In the competitive environment in which the Trust operates, Governors act in an ambassadorial role - both on Trust business and generally as representatives of the Trust.


You can contact your governor at their email address – governors@nuth.nhs.uk, or call our Corporate Services section on freephone 0800 0150136.

Alternatively you can write to us at this freepost address:

Chief Executive’s Office
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Newcastle upon Tyne

Foundation Trust Framework

Foundation Trust Structure - 67.46kb PDF

Constituency One – Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Mr A Chaffer
  • Miss G Jones
  • Mrs E Richardson
  • Dr A Aggarwal
  • Mr W Ions
  • Mrs J McCalman
  • Mrs S Nelson
  • Mr D Stewart-David

Constituency Two – Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Strategic Health Authority Area (excluding Newcastle)

  • Dr H Lucraft
  • Mr F Wyres
  • Mr C W Venables
  • Mr P Ramsden
  • Mr A Shanley
  • Mr D Thompson
  • Mr G Blacker
  • Mrs C Errington
  • Mr P Richardson
  • Dr D McKinnon

Constituency Three – County Durham, Tees Valley Cumbria and beyond

  • Mr J Bedlington
  • Dr AGM Johnson
  • Dr M Saunders 

Staff Governors

All of our Staff Governors can be contacted by emailing: staff.governors@nuth.nhs.uk

Admin and Clerical, Managerial and Chaplains

  • Mr W Reed

Ancillary and Estates

  • Mr R Flemming 

Nursing and Midwifery

  • Ms E Coghill
  • Mrs J Springthorpe 

Health Professionals Council

  • Mrs V Mitchinson

Medical and Dental

  • Dr P Laws


  • Mrs E Houliston

Appointed Governors

  • Councillor J Streather
  • Mr D Bailey
  • Professor A Wathey
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