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About research and Newcastle Hospitals

We have a worldwide reputation for the quality of our healthcare, but we are also well-known for the quality of our research work.

The research we host will help patients to benefit from potentially life-saving treatments in the future, and could also have positive effects for patients now. Evidence shows that patients do better in hospitals that carry out research - even if they don’t actually take part in a study themselves.

Our research work helps us to stay at the forefront of healthcare and offer the very best services for our patients.

Taking part in research

Respiratory research projectResearch and clinical trials couldn’t happen without local people and patients taking part in research.

There are so many reasons to get involved in research projects – you can help improve outcomes for people in future, and research participants can directly benefit from the projects they’re involved in. The way people can get involved is different from project to project, but it could mean trialling new treatments, or simply offering opinions on the way our services are provided.

So if you’re interested in getting involved, please speak to the team caring for you.

You can also find out more about specific research in departments across the Trust below.

The UK Clinical Trials Gateway can help you find clinical trials across the UK, and the NHS Choices website also has a guide to clinical trials and medical research.

Research across the Trust

Many of our consultants are involved in research, and there are around 250 research nurses involved in research across the Trust.

This ensures that our research can involve patients in healthcare situations in the real-world, and can have positive effects on patient care as soon as possible.

Research across the Trust includes projects for:

More information

You can get more information about research from the team involved in your care. Alternatively, contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

You can also find out more about research on the Newcastle Joint Research Office, and the NHS Choices website.

Research strategy

We have developed a strategy as the basis for much of the research that we carry out. You can download the full Research Strategy.pdf

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