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Musculoskeletal ACD

This page gives you information about the Academic Clinical Directorate (ACD) of Musculoskeletal Services, and how it will help to develop research across Musculoskeletal Services.

The Musculoskeletal Clinical Directorate is made up of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rheumatology. We are one of the few departments in the country to combine both specialities in the same directorate, and because of this there is the potential to deliver integrated care and research across these clinical disciplines.

Our vision

The vision for the Musculoskeletal ACD is to “Expand, Enhance, Engage, Empower and Excel”:

  1. Expand: Increase grant income especially through the NIHR, research councils, and Arthritis Research UK. Increase NIHR portfolio research activities and commercial clinical trials. A study for every patient.
  2. Enhance: Integrate clinical research into clinical practice, improve clinical data management. Strengthen research infra-structure. Develop novel diagnostic and assessment technologies.
  3. Engage: Create an ethos that enthuses and motivates patients/public/staff to participate in clinical research. Widen access to clinical research and encourage and support clinical staff to develop studies. Encourage working a cross clinical disciplines to capitalise on strategic strengths.
  4. Empower: Support academic training in rheumatology and orthopaedic surgery. Develop capacity for both medical and associated healthcare professional research staff, with career development to reach critical mass. Support clinical innovation and implementation within the directorate. Encourage and support NHS clinicians to initiate high quality clinical research projects. 
  5. Excel: Drive impactful research. Deliver research studies to time and target. Ensure effective and fair deployment of NIHR and other NHS research funding.


The range of research achievements in the department includes:

  • The Newcastle Musculoskeletal Research Group encompassing researchers at Newcastle University and clinicians at Newcastle Hospitals
  • National leadership within the department
  • Established links between researchers at the university and clinicians at the Trust, and a track record of industry engagement in orthopaedic surgery with clinical research grouping and numerous industry funded studies.
  • Strong track record in grant funding success from research councils and major charities
  • Active participation of NIHR portfolio research including commercial studies
  • Cadaveric teaching laboratory driving standards and collaboration with industry
  • UK Primary Sjorgen’s Syndrom Resgistry; Arthritis Research UK Osteroarthritis Genetics. Purpose-built clinical research facilities. Movement laboratory development with links to Clinical Ageing Research Unit and Newcastle University Culture Lab.

More information

You can get more details about the work of the ACD for Musculoskeletal Services in the document below (please note, this is a PDF file which may take some time to download):

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