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Charity support

Many research projects across Newcastle Hospitals are supported by funds from charities.

A wide range of local charities provide funding for research projects in the area. You can find out more about the charities who support Newcastle Hospitals.

What is funding used for?

When it comes to research projects, charity funds are normally used to help finance the first year of a project – also called ‘pump-priming’. This allows researchers to build up data to help them access more substantial funding from other sources.

This first stage of funding is vital for further research to continue. 

Without this initial funding, many projects which go on to provide new cures, drugs, treatments or diagnostic tools would not be possible.

Over the past year, research projects which have received charity funding have included studies into:

  • the development of certain types of cancer
  • liver disease and Hepatitis C virus infection
  • using 3D photography to map swelling after procedures.

How to contribute

Helping the charities continue to fund research projects is vital, as it can mean that treatment and healthcare will be improved in the future.

Whether charities continue to support research projects, depends on the availability of funds, and charities are always looking for donations or legacies. Donations allow a wider range of projects to be supported, which may not be possible without charitable funds.

You can find out how to donate on the charities’ Just Giving web page.

You can also find out more about the Newcastle Healthcare Charity and the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Charity.

How do researchers apply?

There is a wide range of charity funding support available for local researchers.

Support includes funding for projects related to cancer, the heart, renal issues, diabetes, leukaemia, genetics, bone marrow transplantation, orthopaedics, dermatology, neurology and neonatology.

For more details and a contact for the charities, visit our charity web pages.              

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