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Links to Useful Self Help Materials


Living Life to the Full

This is an excellent website full of useful information and support to help you. Try the 10 things that make you feel happier straight away to see if this is for you. You will need to have sound on your PC.  Living Life to the Full


If you are feeling depressed, you might like to give this site a try. Again it provides you with ways that you can help yourself to feel better. MoodGYM

Self Help Literature

The link below takes you to self help materials that you may find helpful.

Link to self help materials

Sleep Well Self Help Guide

The  guidelines below are designed to help you access a range of resources  to help you overcome your sleep problems. It also lists where you can get further support. Please click below to access it:

Sleep Support Guidelines

Alternatively, click here to access the PowerPoint slides on sleep awareness and support:

Dealing with poor sleep


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