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NewcastleOHS can offer a range of supports for musculoskeletal problems through physiotherapy. The aim of the service is to rehabilitate employees back to work and maximize function. Physiotherapy involved education, exercise and manual therapy to facilitate recovery.

The service offers a variety of support measures for employees and managers. Help is available through use of self help information:

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Back                  Newcastle_OHS_Back_Pain_leaflet.pdf

Neck                 Newcastle_OHS_Neck_Pain_leaflet.pdf

Upper Limb       Newcastle_OHS_Tennis_Elbow_leaflet.pdf



Lower Limb       Newcastle_OHS_Achillies_Tendinopathy_leaflet.pdf




Posture              2017 Newcastle OHS information on Posture Leaflet

Workstation       Newcastle_OHS_1_Minute_Desk_Check_leaflet.pdf

Other Info          Newcastle_OHS_1_Minute_Body_Check_leaflet.pdf

                          2017 Newcastle OHS information on Osteoarthritis

                          2017 Newcastle OHS information on Soft tissue sprains and strains


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