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We recognise the importance of comparing our performance with that of other hospital Trusts in the country. Comparing our performance with hospitals who deliver similar types of services to us, is particularly important. 

We evaluate our own performance against similar organisations using data provided by a range of sources. An important part of this monitoring is looking at our mortality rates (the number of our patients that die) and comparing it to other organisations. By doing so, we know that Newcastle Hospitals is a consistently strong performer in the quality and safety of our services. 

The following organisations help us to compare our services against other Trusts:

The Shelford Group

The Shelford Group is made up of the ten leading hospital Trusts in the country. The ten Trusts employ over 83,000 people and have a turnover of over £7 billion. This makes the group ‘strategically significant’ to the NHS, life sciences industries and the wider UK economy. The group was formed to benchmark and share best practice in services across the ten Trusts.

Civil Eyes Research

Civil Eyes Research is a leading benchmarking organisation which reviews the medical productivity – the time spent by doctors on direct clinical care – of hospital trusts. They work with our clinicians and managers to understand information about the quality and productivity of our services.

Dr Foster Intelligence

Dr Foster Intelligence analyses data from hospital Trusts to compare services. A range of measures are used to select the Dr Foster Trust of the Year including mortality rates, access to emergency care, patient satisfaction, waiting times and a range of clinical performance indicators.

To find out more about the analysis undertaken by Dr Foster and how the Newcastle Hospitals performs, go to the Dr Foster website.

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