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Enhancing the patient experience

On this page, you can find a film about how the Newcastle Hospitals Trust works to enhance the patient experience.

A message from Sir Leonard Fenwick

As part of our ongoing focus on ensuring delivery of safe, high quality patient care, we developed this podcast to provide all our staff, irrespective of their role, with an understanding of their contribution to continually improving the patient experience within Newcastle Hospitals.

This presentation continues to be used as part of our internal education and training programmes; the purpose is to raise awareness with each staff member of their personal responsibility in supporting the patient journey. It underpins our Trust values and confirms our expectations about how, individually, staff can make a difference in working positively to provide compassionate and competent care to our patients.

The content is drawn from documented information about Newcastle Hospitals, and includes commentary from our patients and staff.  It reinforces our wish to provide ‘healthcare at its very best – with a personal touch’.

I’m delighted to be able to share it with you and hope you will find it of interest

Enhancing the Patient Experience Video

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