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News - TechnologyMost of us will have seen heartbreaking news items featuring young children cocooned in a sterile environment to protect them from everyday germs. Born without the immune system that we take for granted, these ‘bubble babies’ are simply unable to cope with even the mildest infection. Our research is offering these fragile children and their families a real lifeline.

As one of only two specialist children’s immunology units in the UK, we are pioneering the use of stem cells to repair these fragile immune systems. New bone marrow transplant techniques are also playing their part, with more of these groundbreaking procedures undertaken in Newcastle than anywhere else in the world.

Many scientists thought that using stem cells in this way simply couldn’t be done. The results achieved here in Newcastle have proved otherwise. We’ve increased the survival rate in bone marrow transplants from 50% to a remarkable 88%. Go behind the statistics and this represents over one hundred boys and girls who have escaped their bubbles to lead their lives in the real world. The ‘bubble baby’ unit is truly something that everyone in the North East can take pride in.

It’s this ability to make a real difference to the lives of our patients that motivates every single one of our staff.

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