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News - NursingEvery member of our staff at the Newcastle hospitals strives to combine absolute professionalism with a human touch. Their success can be seen in the praise they get in the thousands of cards sent to us by patients each year, or in the many positive comments that can be found on this website. From paediatric play nurses to physiotherapists who care for the elderly, each one of us puts our patients at the centre of everything we do.

From time to time an individual is singled out for special praise. One such person is Neil Wrightson, Ventricular Assist Co-ordinator as part of the life-saving heart transplant team at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital.

Neil was announced as winner of the International VAD Co-ordinator of the Year award, at 2014's annual International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation conference in San Diego, California.

Speaking about his award, Neil said: “Well I’m a bit embarrassed really. This recognition is as much for the team as it is for me but it does feel rewarding to receive a lifetime achievement like this from my own professional community.”

Our hospitals are full of people who are as modest as they are talented. And full of instances where our staff’s dedication makes an enormous difference. 

You can get the full story about Neil's international award success.

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