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To make it easier for patients to receive care closer to home, we offer a range of clinics outside hospital.

You can find out about the clinics we run at the Ponteland Road Health Centre in Cowgate, Newcastle.

                                Ponteland Road Health Centre

Reduced service - Sunday 3rd March 2019

Walk in services on Sunday 3rd March 2019 are available at:

There will be a reduced service at Ponteland Road. Patients attending will be reviewed for clinical urgency and referred to an alternative site or service if necessary.

Clinics and Services

We have X-ray, Ultrasound and Cardiac ECHO facilities on site; we will have a Telemedicine link with the hospital and we can perform certain blood tests here on-site.

Diagnostic tests

Your GP or nurse may refer you for Diagnostic Tests or to a Specialist Clinic.

Nurse Clinics

Nurse Practitioners

Our nurse practitioners provides specialist nursing care for all the patients who use the services of the health centre, walk in and registered.

Healthcare Assistant

Our healthcare assistant contributes to clinical care by undertaking a range of tasks such as taking blood, assisting in the management of chronic diseases, helping manage clinical supplies and giving influenza vaccinations.

Specialist clinics

Newcastle hospitals run several specialist clinics at our health centre, including Renal, Plastics, Scar review, Paediatrics, ADHD and ENT.

Smoking cessation drop-in clinic runs from 2.00pm till 4.00pm.

If you come to the Freeman Hospital or the RVI for any of these services and would like to use the clinics at Ponteland Road, please speak to your GP or the consultant dealing with your treatment. You can also call ENT outpatients if you’re being treated there, to find out if your treatment is available at the centre.

X-ray opening times

 Monday  8am - 3.30pm
 Tuesday  8am - 3.30pm
 Wednesday  8am - 3.30pm
 Thursday  8am - 3.30pm
 Friday  8am - 3.30pm
 Saturday  9am - 11.30am

Xray will close for 30 mins Monday-Friday for lunch. Unfortunately we cannot set specific times for this as this will be determined daily depending on the volume of patients we have at one time.

Walk in Service


The Walk-in Service is for minor illness, minor injury and health promotion advice. It is available 08:00 to 20:00 every day of the year. As we close at 20:00, make sure you get here well before that time to avoid disappointment.

There are no booked appointments for the Walk-in Service. When you arrive, go to reception and say you have come to use the Walk-in Service. The receptionist will ask you to complete a form and then ask you to take a seat. Be sure to let her/him know if you feel your condition is too urgent to wait a few minutes.

The Walk-In Service is for:

Minor illness… what we mean by minor illness is problems like these:

  • ·         high temperature; headaches and dizziness
  • ·         coughs, colds, ‘flu-like’ symptoms and hay-fever
  • ·         ear, nose and throat infections e.g. minor infections such as sore throats, and ear aches
  • ·         eye care e.g. conjunctivitis, styes, removal of foreign bodies as appropriate
  • ·         stomach ache, indigestion, constipation, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • ·         dermatology and Skin complaints e.g. rashes, minor allergic reactions, scabies, head lice, sunburn; non recurrent impetigo
  • ·         genito-urinary problems e.g. urinary infections and thrush

Minor injury… we can help with minor injuries such as:

  • ·         small wounds, e.g. superficial cuts, abrasions and bruises, minor burns and scalds, insect or animal bites, providing tetanus boosters for those at risk of tetanus
  • ·         minor head injuries (no loss of consciousness)
  • ·         muscle and joint injury, e.g. strains and sprains, back pain, tendonitis

Health promotion… Emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and advice.

Treatment… if the nurse practitioner offers you some medication as part of your treatment, it will be subject to the usual NHS prescription charge (where applicable).

The Walk In service is NOT for:

Major illness or injury, pregnancy related conditions, dental, mental health, second opinions, repeat prescriptions, repeat dressings, drug/alcohol addiction, asthma attacks/wheezy chests (especially in children), menstrual problems or road traffic accidents.

Long term conditions and more than minor illness should be directed to your own GP.

More than minor injuries should be directed to A&E.

More information

Getting to the centre

Ponteland Road Health Centre is at 169 Ponteland Road, Newcastle, NE5 3AE.

Patients benefit from free parking and direct access by bus, taking you straight to Ponteland Road.

The map below gives you the location of the centre.

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For more details about attending clinics closer to you, please:

  • speak to your GP, or:
  • speak to the consultant dealing with your treatment
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