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Freeman Hospital

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Welcome to the Freeman Hospital

Our services at the Freeman Hospital range from general surgery, hip and knee replacement and digital hearing aids, through to the latest developments in restoring hearing or treating complex liver, pancreatic and kidney diseases.

We’re a regional urology centre, recognised as having one of the top clinical research programmes in Europe, and have one of the few specialist sleep studies teams in the UK, caring for patients with a wide range of sleeping disorders. 

The Freeman has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its facilities and we take great care to ensure you are treated in a clean, modern, and friendly environment. We are investing in transforming our hospitals, and are continuing to develop state-of-the-art facilities at the Freeman Hospital .

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International reputation for pioneering treatment

But what really sets us apart, and has earned us an international reputation, is our pioneering expertise in transplant surgery for both adults and children. In 1987 we performed the UK’s first successful heart transplant for a child at the Freeman hospital.  We are one of Europe’s leading lung transplant centres, having performed both the first single lung transplant and the first double lung transplant in Europe.  And we continue to innovate, introducing a “mechanical heart” service in 2003, keeping adults and children alive until a suitable donor heart is available.

Healthcare with a personal touch

No matter why you come to us, though, all our staff, from surgeons and nurses to cooks and cleaners, are dedicated to giving you leading-edge healthcare, delivered with a personal touch.

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