Are you a Nurse or about to qualify?

The transition from Student to Staff Nurse can be daunting,  here at Newcastle Hospitals we want to support you through this period by providing you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to take these next few steps on your Career Path, in a caring nurturing environment.

We offer every New Registrant a robust Preceptorship package which aims to ease the transition from student to proficient practitioner, which will increase your confidence and competence. Each study day is interactive and encourages active participation and helps you start to build your Professional Portfolio as your Continuous Professional Development starts here. For those who want to you can also gain academic accreditation by completing an assignment.

What the preceptorship delegates said . . .

The programme helped to build confidence and knowing that other people felt the


‘The KSF enlightened me on my new role as a staff nurse, what to do and what not to

do and my limitations.’

No matter which Directorate you work in the Trust you will also have access to a Clinical Educator who is also there to offer you support, training and advice.

All Sisters, Matrons, and the Senior Nursing Team want you to feel welcomed and supported we are very Proud of our Nurses in Newcastle by contacting our recruitment team they can put you in contact with Sisters / Matrons from any area in the Trust you wish to know more about.

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