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Nurse in a Specialist Role

"I love the patient contact in my unique role where I see patients from diagnoses and throughout their treatment ... I really get to know them and their families".

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Harm Free Care

Delivering ‘Harm Free Care’ continues to be a high priority for Nurses. Completion of the Safety Thermometer, a national tool which collects data on patient harms at a specific point in time and reports on a monthly basis, demonstrates Newcastle Hospitals' strong position in this area.

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Harm Free - example projects

  • There has been a 30% reduction in Trust acquired pressure damage since January 2013, but further reduction will be required to show a sustained reduction. The Tissue Viability Nursing Team has been central in assisting nursing colleagues to achieve this and to drive on-going improvements.
  • The team has developed innovative ways to promote prevention of pressure damage, such as the 'Time 2 Turn' project, the turning discs and other educational material.
  • To support staff and teams in reducing pressure damage, the Tissue Viability team suggested presenting celebratory cookies to those wards achieving harm-free days targets. This approach to ensure recognition of achievement has been well received, and these are presented by the Trust’s Senior Nursing Team.

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