Community Services

The directorate of Community Services works in locations across Newcastle. Within Community Services there are some excellent opportunities for qualified nursing staff.

The under-19 service provides services for all children living within Newcastle, including school health, family nurse partnership, and health visiting. This offers a wonderful opportunity for nurses wishing to work and improve the lives of under-19s living in Newcastle.

The Community Nursing service provides nursing for the residents of Newcastle, including acute and chronic nursing interventions, IV therapy at home and palliative care within people's own homes.

Teams in our service

Community Services aim to prevent avoidable hospital admissions and have several teams supporting this, including:

  • Specialist Support into Nursing Homes Team
  • Emergency Department Project
  • Community Rapid Response Team
  • Community Matrons

These teams case-find and case-manage patients to keep them at home and well supported. This offers an amazing opportunity as nurses to be part of this unique approach to community nursing and admission avoidance.

Community Services also provides walk-in services across the city, providing assessment and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries.

The Newcastle Hospitals' commitment to improving sexual health is shon by our Sexual Health Services where our specialist nurses provide contraceptive assessment and provision, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections including HIV, as well as a range of specialist services for those whose needs are more complex. Sexual Health Advisers contribute to improving public health through partner-notification and sexual health promotion. This offers nurses a challenging and rewarding area to work in.

Working here

Service areas

Community Services are provided across children’s services and adult services.

Shift patterns

We operate a varying shift pattern that includes Monday - Friday working, seven day working, and 12 hours shifts.

Staff groups

We have the following staff working within the department: Matron, Sister/Charge Nurse, Clinical Educator, Nurse Practitioners, Health Visitors, District Nurses, School Health Advisors, Sexual Health Nurses and Advisers, Staff Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, and Housekeepers.

Staff training

While these are specialised area, there are still many opportunities for newly qualified staff and those who are more experienced, to gain and develop general skills, and also to gain insight, knowledge and skills in the more specialised community services. We recognise structured programmes for preceptorship and supervision as being vital to the development of staff, and they are offered to anyone coming to work in this area.

More information

For more information about working in Community Services, please contact:

You can get more information about our Community Services. 

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