Medicine, Older People's and Emergency Care

The Emergency Department (Major Trauma Centre), Assessment Suite and Ambulatory Care, as well as most of the acute medical wards, are based at the RVI in Newcastle.

Our Care of the Elderly services are based mainly at the Freeman Hospital with an excellent rehabilitation ward at the Centre for Ageing and Vitality (CAV). 

Specialty services

There are 16 wards in the Medicine Directorate, and our specialities include:

  • care of the elderly
  • rehabilitation and more acute areas
  • ambulatory care
  • two day hospitals
  • Emergency Department (Major Trauma Centre)
  • four outpatient clinics. 

We also have inpatient areas with the following specialties: 

  • diabetes
  • gastroenterology
  • stroke
  • respiratory medicine (including Cystic Fibrosis Unit)
  • endocrinology
  • toxicology
  • infectious diseases.

Working here

Shift patterns

We operate a varying shift pattern that covers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the areas mainly work 12 hour shifts, but shifts patterns can be negotiated with the Senior Sister/Charge Nurse.

Staff groups

We have a range of staff work in the departments, including: Matron, Sister/Charge Nurse, Clinical Educator, Outreach, Staff Nurses, Critical Care Assistants, Assistance Practitioners, Healthcare Assistants, Ward Clerks and Housekeepers.

Staff training

Your development will be supported via two directorate-based clinical educators, as well as three experienced Matrons. 

We provide a preceptorship package that gives staff a number of weeks of supernummery practice - each area has a negotiated period. The supernummery period is also negotiated on previous experience.

A comprehensive local induction and competencies pack are available in all areas.

More information

For more information about working in Medicine, Older People's and Emergency Care, please contact:

Find out more about our Older People's Services, our Emergency Department and our Medicine Services.

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