Our outpatient departments are based at the Freeman Hospital and the Royal Victoria Infirmary. We also have tertiary centres to bring outpatient care closer to home.

Our departments see an average 280,000 patients every year.

Multi-specialty clinics

The clinics within our outpatient departments are multi-specialty. For many patients the outpatient department is the only contact they have with the hospital, so patient and customer care is our highest priority.

Working in one of our busy outpatient departments will give you opportunity to gain experience in many specialties and develop excellent communication and customer care skills. It will also equip you with patient flow management skills, and give you an excellent opportunity to work with a large multi-disciplinary team.

Working here

Shift patterns

The shift patterns on our outpatient departments are

  • Monday – Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm

Staff training

You will be supported with internal training regarding clinic management.

As there are multiple specialities working in our outpatients departments, there is the opportunity to access training through the specialist nurses working in the clinics.

We support staff development through the Trust's appraisal and personal development plans. We also have an outpatients preceptorship training pack which covers all elements of outpatient nursing.

More information

For more information about working in Newcastle Hospitals outpatient departments, please contact:

You can get more information about our Outpatients Departments.

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