Renal, Urology and Institute of Transplantation

Renal Services are part of the directorate of Urology and Renal Services with services based mainly at the Freeman Hospital. 

Within Renal Services and the Institute of Transplantation (IoT) there are some excellent opportunities for qualified nursing staff.

Wards areas

Ward 38 (Transplantation) is the first unit in the UK to care for patients undergoing solid organ transplants (heart/lung/kidney/liver/pancreas and islet transplantation) within one ward. This offers an amazing opportunity to be part of this unique approach to nursing transplant patients.

The Urology Unit is the largest in the United Kingdom and offers a wide range of specialised urological procedures including robotic surgery, major cancer surgery, kidney stone surgery and a wide range of endoscopic surgery. We offer an enhanced recovery programme for our bladder cancer patients undergoing radical cystectomy.

Our services are provided across the following areas:

  • Inpatient wards – Urology, Renal Medicine and Transplantation
  • Day case/short-stay urology ward
  • Urology investigation suite, which includes an operating theatre
  • Emergency assessment suite caring for a variety of patients requiring emergency care including Urology, ENT and surgery
  • Haemodialysis unit
  • Specialised outpatient departments.

Working here

Shift patterns

We operate varying shift patterns including 12 hour shifts in some areas.

Staff groups

We have a wide range of staff working within our departments, including: Matron, Sister/Charge Nurse, Clinical Educator within the Institute of Transplantation, Nurse Specialists, Staff Nurses, Assistant Practitioners, Healthcare Assistants, Ward Clerks and Housekeepers.

Staff training

While a number of areas within the Directorate provide care which can be very specialised, there is still the opportunity to be involved in generalised nursing care. 

This enables newly qualified staff and those who are more experienced, the opportunity to gain and further develop general skills and also to get insight, knowledge and skills into the more complex areas of care such as renal replacement therapies, transplantation and emergency care. Structured programmes for preceptorship and supervision are recognised as being vital to the development of staff and are offered to anyone coming to work in this area.

More information

For more information about working in Renal and Urology Services, please contact:

You can find out more about our Renal Services, our Urology Services and the Institute of Transplantation.


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