Newcastle establishes Wellbeing for Life Board

Newcastle City Council has now made arrangements to establish the shadow Health and Wellbeing Board in response to the proposals in the Health and Social Care Bill.

The Board will be called the Wellbeing for Life Board in order to emphasise the connection with positive wellbeing and good health for all and to embrace addressing the social determinants of health as well as making sure quality services are in place for those who need them.  In addition to taking on the proposed statutory functions, the Board will be the intersectoral steering group for Newcastle's involvement in the World Health Organisation's (WHO) European Healthy Cities Network.

The Board - meeting for the first time on 7th December 2011 - will be chaired by Cllr Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council.
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will be represented on the Board by Sir Leonard Fenwick, Chief Executive, and Kingsley Smith, Chairman.  If you would like further information on the Trust’s involvement, please contact Bev Reid, Assistant Director – Business Development at bev.reid@nuth.nhs.uk

For further information on the role and full membership of the Board, please see the papers that were discussed at the Council meeting on 5 October 2011 (item 9) - link to these at the Newcastle City Council website.

The Wellbeing for Life website - www.wellbeingforlife.org.uk - will provide further updates as work progresses.

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