Newcastle Hospital’s caterers pioneers in sustainability

The Freeman Hospital’s catering team have become one of the first organisations in the UK to receive the Green Kitchen Standard for sustainability.

The certification was awarded to the catering department after an assessment of its ability to maintain good environmental management, including how they manage water and waste in their operations.

The certification requires caterers to engage with all sustainability issues that arise in food service, from policy implementation to the day-to-day management of the kitchen.

Geoff Moyle, catering manager and Amy Johnston, assistant environmental officer, being presented with the Green Kitchen Standard

Improving the sustainability of the catering department, has been a long running project led by Geoff Moyle, catering manager at the Freeman Hospital, out of his passion to improve the quality of the food provided.

On achieving the Green Kitchen Standard certification, he said: “We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Green Kitchen Standard, as it both represents the ethos of the Trust, and reflects the hard work we have put in to achieving this.

“We try to provide the best quality food to our patients, staff and visitors whilst minimising our impact on the environment and making a positive contribution to the future of sustainable practice.”

Freeman Hospital's catering team and Green Kitchen Standard certificate

The Green Kitchen Standard was launched by the Soil Association Certification in partnership with the Carbon Trust. Clare McDermott, business development director of soil association, said: “This unique scheme supports caterers to not just focus on the quality and sustainable sourcing of the food and ingredients but also on providing those meals with less energy, less waste and less impact on the environment. 

“Providing caterers with the tools and support to monitor usage, set targets and initiatives around sustainability and reward efficient practices at the kitchen level makes this scheme really effective at developing and leading best practice and improvement across the sector and we are really excited to be awarding our first Pilot organisations.”

The Green Kitchen Standard certification also provides caterers with a framework for action to achieve continuous improvements. Freeman Catering has chosen to give dedicated sustainability training to improve further the Trust’s sustainability.

To find out more about the Green Kitchen Standard, please visit: https://www.soilassociation.org/greenkitchenstandard/

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