Students’ excellent teamwork raises £800 for The Bubble Foundation

A group of 12 school students from Blyth Academy and Ashington High School have raised £800 for the Bubble Foundation by taking part in a four week social action programme.

As part of the programme, the students were asked to choose a charity for their fundraising.

Holy Archibald from Blyth Academy explains; ‘We wanted to choose a charity that was local to us and one we could really make a difference to. We came across the Bubble Foundation and thought it was an excellent cause.”

The Bubble Foundation was created to raise money for a rare condition called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) - where your body cannot protect itself against any incoming infections or virus’, allowing it to take over the body.

The condition affects 1 baby in 58,000 in the UK and there are only two centres in the UK & Ireland to treat these children, Newcastle & Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The charity aims to help care for current patients and fund invaluable research into the condition to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure and because of crucial research, survival rates have now raised from 50% to 90%.

Clinical Educator Susan Dodds said: “We are so grateful that the students chose the Bubble Foundation for their fundraising, we rely on donations to help develop our research and buy crucial equipment and toys for the children.”

“Each patient is protected in a sterile, air-locked ‘bubble’ room at the Great North Children’s Hospital where they receive precise care, treatment and chemotherapy to remove any existing T Cells and infections. All toys in the bubble rooms must be sterile and replaced for each child which is a high cost for the department.

“Donations like this make a huge impact on the children and their families and we can’t thank the students enough for choosing us as their charity.”

As part of the fundraising, the students organised a Family Fun Day, litter-picking on Blyth beach and a ten-mile fancy dress walk.

The students, who are in Year 11, organised all fundraising themselves, including The Family Fun Day with raffle prizes donated from Vodafone and cakes from local cafes for their cake stall.


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