Consultants tackle their first Great North Run and raise nearly £3000 for Scoliosis Fund

David Fender; Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Alvin Karsandas; Consultant Radiologist, have raised £2698.10 by running the Great North Run for the Scoliosis Fund.

David and Alvin decided to sign up to do the Great North Run when a co-worker told them about the Scoliosis Fund charity places.

“I have been a scoliosis surgeon for sixteen years now, so as soon as I heard about the charity places I knew I had to get involved and represent the team” explains David.

“I know first-hand just how much the fund would benefit from donations to go towards improving patient experience and vital training for staff”

The Scoliosis Fund is a new fund to Newcastle Hospitals Charity, having only been established for a few years.

The Musculoskeletal Unit in the Northern Centre for Orthopaedics offers a specialist service for the diagnosis and pain management of spinal problems in both children and adults.

The unit is one of very few units in the country with a dedicated service for children, with specially trained clinical staff, advanced paediatric facilities and a paediatric intensive care unit. It is also one of the busiest centres in the UK for the advanced treatment of certain complex spinal deformities, such as scoliosis.

Dave and Alvin thought completing the Great North Run was a great way to kick off the fundraising journey for Scoliosis and really enjoyed raising the money.

“This was our first time running the Great North Run or running anywhere near that distance, so we knew it was going to be a challenge” says Alvin.

“The last three miles were tough but the atmosphere kept us going, we really enjoyed the day and are planning on doing it again next year with the hope to raise even more money.”


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