It was a tall order – But Josie went head and shoulders above the rest!

TACKLING the Great North Run is a tall order in itself…

But Josie Pointon proved she was head and shoulders above the rest when she completed the iconic half marathon dressed as a giraffe!

The foundation manager at Durham County Cricket Club dressed up as The Great North Children’s Hospital mascot, Fudge the Giraffe, raising £753.00 in the process.

Having already completed The Great North Run six times, Josie wanted to challenge herself and do something out of her comfort zone.

Over the years, Durham Cricket Club and Great North Children’s Hospital have built a strong working relationship, supporting each other with events and fundraising. 

“I know first-hand the fantastic work The Great North Children’s Hospital does and I really wanted to help them raise money,” said Josie.

 “I really enjoy running and was considering doing the Great North Run again, so when a colleague suggested dressing up as the mascot I thought ‘why not!”

Josie received a lot of attention dressed as Fudge, both on the day and in the run up to the event.

“It was a completely different experience running in costume, the crowd engagement was amazing. Everyone was giving me high fives and taking photos with me. At one point someone even took me into their garden to meet their children! It really was a surreal experience.”

As a regular runner, Josie knew she would be able to manage the distance of the half marathon; however there was little that could prepare her for running that distance in costume.

“Training dressed as a mascot is very different to regular half marathon training. I knew I would have to start and stop a lot to cool down so my main focus for training was just to make sure I was fit and healthy by going to the gym and doing short three-mile runs.

“I practiced in the Fudge costume a few times before the big day; I did laps of Durham cricket ground whilst the team were training- I got a few funny looks from the cricketers!”

To say thank you to Josie for the fantastic effort she put into the event, as well as the money she raised, Great North Children’s Hospital’s Directorate Manager Jane Melvin presented Josie with a bunch of flowers and photo to remember the day by from the team.

“I really enjoyed the whole experience, it was challenging but I had a great support team around me, my friends, family and the staff from Newcastle Hospitals were so supportive throughout the whole experience!,” added Josie.

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