Patient and visitor information

Keeping your appointment

If you can’t keep your hospital appointment, please call us to rearrange or cancel it.

Every year, nearly 110,000 patients who have an appointment at a Newcastle hospital, do not turn up. This means that:

  • The clinic was ready
  • The doctor and nurses were waiting
  • But the patient was missing

It’s a problem because this situation costs the NHS money – about £24 million in the North East every year.

If you let us know that you want to change your Newcastle hospital appointment, we can:

  • Use your appointment slot for someone else
  • Provide faster access to services and help reduce waiting times for everyone
  • Cut costs and allow doctors and nurses to use their time more effectively

Changing my hospital appointment

To cancel or change your hospital appointment, please call the number on your appointment letter.

If you don't have the number, you can contact the outpatient department you're due to visit.

When you get in touch, please tell us: 

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Your appointment date and time
  • Your NHS number or Medical Records Number (if you have it)

If you don’t know the department you’re due to visit, please contact us.

Appointment reminder service

We want to help patients remember their appointments at our hospitals, so to assist, we have an appointment reminder service.

If you have an appointment with us, we will try and call you a few days before your hospital appointment. Calls are free of charge, and made by an automated system or one of our call centre staff.

We can’t guarantee that everyone will receive a call, so you should attend your appointment even if you don’t receive a call.

If you don’t want to receive a reminder call, please get in touch with us using the contacts on your appointment letter.

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