What is MRSA?

Watch this video message on the NHS Choice website with the Lead Microbiologist from the Department of Health explaining what causes MRSA, what happens when you have it and how hospital staff and visitors can help prevent infection.

What is MRSA?

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Healthcare acquired infections

What is a Healthcare Acquired Infection?

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAIs) are caused by a wide range of micro-organisms and, as the term suggests, are associated with medical care and treatment. The burden of HCAIs has mainly been in hospitals where more serious infections are seen. However, health care, particularly invasive health care, provided in any setting can pose a risk of HCAI.

Not all HCAIs are preventable but up to 30 per cent may be. 

We are now treating patients who only a decade ago could not have been treated at all. Those patients are often very sick and vulnerable to infection. The medical procedures that they undergo may be more invasive and present a greater opportunity, than in the past, for infection to get a foothold. 

Being cared for in a safe clean environment and being given the highest standards of care every time you receive treatment will help to minimise your risk of acquiring a HCAI. 

More Information about Infection Prevention and Control

Here is some more information which we hope you find helpful in understanding all about healthcare acquired infections and how we can all help to prevent them.

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