Childrens Services

Children's Theatres

Our Children’s Theatres provide care for children and young people undergoing various types of surgery and procedures.

This type of care is called ‘perioperative care’.

The theatre suite is made up of six theatres and a dedicated Children’s Recovery Unit.

What happens in theatre

When you come to theatre, you will be met in reception by our receptionist. You will then meet your named anaesthetic assistant who will check all the details about you and your child.

The play specialist or ward nurse will then take your child to the Anaesthetic Room where the anaesthetist will give your child the anaesthetic medicine to make them sleep. Parents or carers can stay with their child while this happens.

Your child will then be taken to the operating theatre where a team of theatre nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists will care for them throughout their procedure.

The next thing you can expect is for your child to wake up in the Recovery Area. They will be looked after here by specialist recovery staff until they are ready to go back to the ward. You will be able to go with your child’s ward nurse to collect them.

Things you need to know

  • Ask any questions you need to
  • Be calm and relaxed - we are all here to help
  • Your child will never be expected to go to theatre by themselves. A member of the ward team will always be with them
  • There is a patient toilet in the theatre reception in case your child needs a last minute visit before theatre

People you may meet

During your time with us, the staff you could meet in our theatres include:

  • Theatre Nurses and operating department practitioners
  • Anaesthetists and Anaesthetic Assistants
  • Play specialists
  • Surgeons
  • Doctors
  • Orderlies
  • Health Care Assistants
  • Housekeepers

Most staff in Theatre wear surgical suits which look like pyjamas - you can find out more about the different uniforms that our staff wear.

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