Home Ventilation Service

The North East Home Ventilation Service is a specialist centre, based in the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Newcastle is a regional centre, and one of the largest Home Ventilation centres in the UK, supporting patients on domiciliary ventilation in the North East of England. We cover a large geographical area, which includes West Cumbria. The next nearest home ventilation centres are in Edinburgh and Leeds.

Supporting a range of patients

Most of our patients have neuromuscular conditions, but others have conditions such as:

  • chest wall problems
  • central and obstructive sleep apnoea
  • spinal cord injury
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • diaphragm paralysis or are waiting for lung transplant.

We manage patients receiving both invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

This regional centre was established in Newcastle in the mid-1970s. We currently support more than 450 patients and we see between 100 to 120 new patients each year, mostly referred to us from other hospital specialists.

Continuous support

We establish patients on ventilation in hospital and at home, and we train and support patients, family carers and other organisations.

Much of our work involves home visits, and advice provided over the telephone. We also provide a continuous, 24-hour support service for our patients, and run regular hospital-based outpatient appointments for new and follow-up patients. 

Our senior staff

Our team consists of two consultant doctors who are also specialists in Anaesthesia, Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care. We also have three Nurse Specialists.

We work closely with the Newcastle Hospitals Respiratory Physiotherapy service to provide specialist support to patients who find it difficult to clear secretions. We also work with the children's home ventilation service, and jointly host teenage clinics every three months to help children on ventilation transfer into our care. 

Key staff

  • Dr Robert Bullock, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care
  • Dr Simon Baudouin, Senior Lecturer/Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care
  • Sister Alison Armstrong, Senior Nurse Specialist, tel: 0191 282 3729
  • Sister Pam Eckford, Nurse Specialist, tel: 0191 282 3790
  • Jessica Shield, Nurse Specialist, tel: 0191 282 1979
  • Liam Campbell, Specialist Physiotherapist, tel: 0191 282 6982
  • Andrea Vusthoff, Secretary, tel: 0191 282 4265

More information

For more details about our Home Ventilation Service, contact:

  • Home Ventilation Office, tel: 0191 282 3153
  • Referral fax number 0191 282 3015
  • Secretary, tel: 0191 282 4265
  • Chest Clinic, tel: 0191 282 0161
  • Out of hours contact: Ward 18 ITU, tel: 0191 282 6018
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