Laboratory Medicine

Cellular Pathology

The Department of Cellular Pathology includes Histology and Cytology. The department is the largest of its kind in the North East region and has over 30 Consultant Pathologists.

Many of our consultants are university lecturers and are regarded as experts in their specialism. As a result, we receive cases from all over the North East and beyond.

We are recognised as a national centre of excellence, and our knowledge and expertise for reporting Cellular Pathology samples is the best in the North East. The department delivers a quality "end-to-end" service - from specimen collection through to providing a high quality report and expert clinical advice.


The Cytopathology Department is divided into two areas: gynaecological and non-gynaecological screening.

The gynaecological service is provided as part of the national screening programme for cervical cancer. The non-gynaecological service includes all the other specialties and screening programmes such as breast screening.


The Neuropathology Laboratory provides a specialised service within Cellular Pathology, mainly dealing with the diagnosis of diseases that affect the brain and spinal cord.


Histopathology includes the preparation of biopsy, surgical resection and post-mortem tissue samples, and the application of specialised staining, immunochemical, molecular techniques and electron microscopy for the diagnosis of disease.  


The mortuaries and Forensic Medicine Unit provide a service to Newcastle Hospitals and the regional Coroner’s Office.

These services mainly consist of the storage and release of cadavers and post-mortem examinations. All services are fully licensed with the HTA.

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