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Community cardiology

Community Cardiology in Newcastle works with patients in their own homes and in their community to help them with a range of heart problems.

There are four main parts to our service:

  • rehabilitation
  • supporting GP practices
  • teaching
  • heart failure service.


Patients are referred to us for cardiac rehabilitation after they have been discharged from hospital following a heart attack, an angioplasty, heart valve replacement or heart surgery (to the coronary arteries).

Our staff contact patients by telephone within 24 working hours after they come home from hospital. Patients are seen during the first week or two in their own home or are invited to a community clinic. A cardiac rehabilitation nurse gives patients information about their condition and treatment. The nurse also provides details about making lifestyle changes and advises about how to get back to normal activities.

Group sessions

Patients will also be invited to take part in group sessions at local leisure facilities. These sessions are run by a cardiac rehabilitation nurse, physiotherapists, and health and fitness staff. Sessions include exercise, relaxation and healthy lifestyle advice.

Following the eight week programme, patients are encouraged to continue with regular physical activity and special step-down sessions which are available at the centres used for the rehabilitation sessions. These are provided by the same health and fitness staff who have already been working with the patients.

For patients who can't attend the group sessions, the cardiac rehabilitation nurse will discuss other options.

Heart failure service

Patients who are referred to the heart failure service receive:

  • regular assessments for their condition
  • information and guidance about heart failure and its symptoms
  • support around changing and managing medication.

The service can be delivered at clinics or during visits to patients' homes.

How can I access the heart failure service?

Patients are referred to the heart failure services by:

  • their GP
  • a hospital nurse or doctor (patients with heart failure are referred via their consultant cardiologist).

More information

For more details on cardiac rehabilitation or heart failure services, please contact:

3rd Floor New Croft Centre
New Croft House
Market Street East
Newcastle upon Tyne

Cardiac rehabilitation 

  • Tel: 0191 229 2960
  • Fax: 0191 2292994

Heart failure

  • Tel: 0191 229 2963
  • Fax: 0191 229 2996
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