Newcastle Hospitals Community Health

Rehabilitation services

Our rehabilitation services include assistance for older people, and services that help patients manage long-term illnesses, like Diabetes or heart/breathing problems.

We also provide health and adult social care services in the community, helping you to receive a quicker response and get the right care to meet your needs.

Community Response and Rehabilitation Service

After an illness, operation or a fall, our Community Response and Rehabilitation Service helps you to regain your independence and improve your confidence to help you manage at home. The services brings together a number of professionals such as nurses and social workers to make sure you’re ready and able to cope at home. 

Community Health and Social Care Direct

Working with Newcastle City Council, Community Health and Social Care Direct provides urgent healthcare and support so you can remain at home safely. The service also provides social care, advice and helps you to do things for yourself in your home, rather than relying on other people.

Consultant Continuing Care

Our Consultant Continuing Care Team provides a 24 hour on-call service for patients with more complex medical problems – mainly for older patients.

Other services

The Newcastle Hospitals also provide a range of other services in the community to help rehabilitation after an illness, operation or injury:

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