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Diabetes Psychology Service

The Diabetes Psychology Service assesses and provides treatment and consultation for people with diabetes who have psychological issues.

Psychologists help to address difficulties including:

  • difficulty adjusting to a diagnosis of diabetes
  • diabetes-distress or ‘burnout’
  • psychological distress affecting treatment or recovery, such as depression
  • anxiety or phobias that interfere with treatment, such as fear of hypoglycaemia or needle phobia
  • difficulty managing treatment or making lifestyle changes
  • difficulty coping with complications of diabetes, including multiple complications or recurrent hypoglycaemia
  • issues with eating and insulin omission due to weight concerns
  • post-traumatic stress symptoms connected with diabetes or its treatment, including trauma after admission to hospital
  • psychological distress after treatment, for example, changes to appearance
  • psychological distress linked to disability or loss of bodily function.

We also work with patients to assess their psychological needs and prepare for new or major treatments, such as insulin pump therapy or surgery.

Diabetes Centre

We work closely with specialist nurses, doctors and dietitians from Newcastle Diabetes Centre.

Part of our work is to provide consultation, training, supervision and support for staff in the Diabetes Service. We also educate patients and work in diabetes clinics.

Where will I be seen?

Most appointments are held at our outpatient department at the RVI.

We might also see people at the Newcastle Diabetes Centre.

Accessing the service

People are referred to us by the Diabetes Centre or from other healthcare teams - with the agreement of the patient’s consultant.

Written referrals can be sent to our department and healthcare professionals can telephone us to discuss possible referrals.

If you think you might benefit from a consultation with us, please speak to your doctor or other member of your healthcare team.

Meet the team

The Diabetes Psychology Service team includes:

  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist who manages and supports the service
  • Clinical Psychologist who provides sessions for the diabetes service
  • Trainee Psychologists who are graduate psychologists developing their skills under supervision
  • Assistant Psychologist who provide support to develop the service, training and support for our clinical work
  • Administration staff who look after the organisation of our work and are often a first point of contact with our service.

Sometimes we have assistant clinical psychologists and trainee psychologists working with us.

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