Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Service

How to refer to the service

This page gives GPs and other healthcare professionals information about referring patients to the North of England Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Service.

Referral criteria

We see patients with a palpable lump that meets any of the following criteria:

  • increasing in size
  • painful
  • deep to the fascia
  • greater than 5cm in diameter
  • recurring after previous excision should be referred under the two-week rule.

Patients with x-rays which are suspicious of a malignant or aggressive process should also be referred under the two week rule.

Patients with undiagnosed bony pain should receive an x-ray. If the x-ray is normal but pain persists, consider following up and repeating the x-ray, performing bone function tests or making a non-urgent referral.

Patients with imaging findings suggestive of an abdominal or retroperitoneal sarcoma should be referred urgently without biopsy to the abdominal and retroperitoneal sarcoma team

Referring to the service

General Practitioner referrals:  please use Choose and Book, both 'two week waits' and 'non-urgents'.

Hospital referrals:  please complete steps below.

  1. Write a referral letter addressed to the Bone & Soft Tissue Service
  2. Download and complete this form Sarcoma_MDT_Proforma_blank.docx
  3. Scan the completed form and send with the referral letter to

Members of the team are happy to discuss cases by telephone.  MDTM outcomes will be sent to your account.  For more information about referring to the North of England Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Service contact:  Tel: 0191 223 1202.

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