Northern Centre for Cancer Care

Mould Room

A mould or shell may be required. The main purpose of this is to help you keep still. This is made in the mould room of the radiotherapy department by a mould technician.

There are two types of mould.


The mould technician puts strips of plaster of paris bandages over the area requiring the mould. If this is over your face holes are left around your nose and mouth so you will be able to breathe easily.

The plaster of paris gets warm as it sets. Once it has set the set bandages are taken off. A mould is made from this using Perspex

You will be given a swimming cap to wear to protect your hair from the plaster of paris if you are having a head mould made.

This process usually requires three appointments.

                                                            Mould - Plastic

Thermo Plastic

This process uses a sheet of plastic net that, when heated in warm water, becomes soft and stretchy. The mould is made by placing this over your body and feels a little like a warm flannel. It takes your shape as the plastic cools, this takes a few minutes.

                                                             Mould - Thermo Plastic

This process usually requires one appointment.

Vacuum Bags

These are used to help keep your arm, shoulder or body in the treatment position. They are polystyrene ball filled bags, similar to a bean bag. You will lie on one of these bags in the required position and when you are comfortable the air is removed from the bag to make a rigid support moulded to your shape. They ensure that you are in exactly the same position for each treatment.

Occasionally bespoke moulds are made for specialised treatments. If you require one of these your doctor will discuss this with you and the mould room technicians will explain the procedure to you.

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