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Cardiothoracic Services (Heart and Lung)

Cardiac Rhythm Management Department Freeman Hospital

The Cardiac Rhythm Management Department provides a regular follow-up service for patients who have implanted devices, including pacemakers, implantable cardiovertor defibrillators (ICDs) and implantable loop recorder “Reveal”.

The majority of appointments take place in the Cardiac Rhythm Management Department at the Freeman Hospital, but are occasionally held elsewhere - your appointment letter will give you more details.

How to find us

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The Cardiac Rhythm Management Department is based in the Cardiothoracic Centre at the Freeman Hospital. To find us:

  • come through the entrance of the Cardiothoracic Centre and walk past the reception desk, following round to your right. 
  • when you come to the junction, turn left and look for the sign on your left hand side for the Cardiac Rhythm Management Department.
  • please make your way straight to the reception desk and let a member of staff know that you have arrived.

How to get to the hospital

Staff you are likely to meet

When you arrive at the Cardiac Rhythm Management Department, you will meet specially-trained staff called Physiologists who will look after you during your time here.

The types of test you can expect

When you come to the department, our staff will work to make sure your implanted device is functioning normally. They will use special programmes to check that your implantable device is working normally and that its battery life is as predicted.

What happens next?

When all the tests are completed and the Physiologist is happy with the results, you will be asked to make another follow up appointment before you leave.  If the Physiologist is concerned about any of your results she will contact one of the doctors who will discuss what will happen next.

Things you need to know

  • There is a loop system fitted at all reception points.

More information

For more information about the Cardiac Rhythm Management Department, please contact:

  • Tel: 0191 213 7160
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