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"I was required to attend appointments to have Echo and ECG procedures.  I have been delighted by the caring, highly professional way in which I have been treated". Mr RB

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Cardiothoracic Services (Heart and Lung)

ECG Clinic Freeman Hospital

Contact: (0191) 233 6161 - Ext: 26577 / 26578

The ECG Department carries out ECGs and Exercise ECGs. An Exercise ECG is a normal ECG carried out while you are on a running machine, to monitor your heart function during exercise. ECGs are used to record the rhythm and electrical activity of your heart and can help to diagnose whether or not you are experiencing heart problems or have heart disease. 

Your GP can refer you here or you may be referred by your local hospital, if they feel additional tests may be necessary.

If you have come to the outpatient clinic to see a doctor, they may request that you have an ECG that day.

If you have come to have an operation of any kind, you may be given an ECG test to make sure there are no problems with your heart function.

How to find us

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The ECG Department is based at the Freeman Hospital. To find us:

  • If you come through the entrance of the Physiotherapy Department, walk past the reception desk, and take the first turn on your left.
  • Turn left again into the ECG Department.
  • If you come through the Main Outpatient Department, turn right at the first main junction.
  • Continue down the corridor until you see the sign above you for the ECG Department which is on the right hand side.

How to get to the hospital

Staff you are likely to meet

When you arrive in the ECG Department you will meet specially trained staff called Cardiographers who will look after you during your time here.

The types of test you can expect

Small patches are attached to your chest, with wires leading to the ECG recorder to monitor your heart rate.  The ECG machine records your heartbeat and only takes around 5 minutes.

If you are having an Exercise ECG you will be asked to walk, or run if you wish, on the treadmill. The exercise test will slowly become faster or have more resistance and the doctor or Cardiographer will carefully check your ECG reading, blood pressure and pulse. You will be asked to stop when sufficient measurements have been taken. Should you experience any chest pain or become very short of breath, the test will be stopped immediately. The test normally takes around 30 minutes to complete.

What happens next?

If you have been referred by your GP, the results of your ECG test will be sent to him directly and he will arrange to discuss these with you at a time convenient to you.

If you have come from a clinic, you will be given the results by the Cardiographer and asked to return to the clinic to see your consultant. Your results will be discussed there and then.

Things you need to know

  • There is a loop system fitted at all reception points and on the TV in the waiting area. A portable loop system is available in the consulting rooms.
  • If you are coming for an Exercise ECG, please wear clothes that are suitable for doing light exercise in. In particular, please bring comfortable shoes.
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