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"Thank you for looking after my mother so well during her recent stay in hospital.  Your sympathetic and generous caring is much appreciated and has contributed to her excellent progress after being very ill."  Mr RC

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An abnormal widening or ballooning of a section of a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the wall. Find out more about aneuryms at NHS Choices.

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Acute Stroke Unit

Contact: 0191 282 6041 - Sister or Nurse in Charge of Acute Stroke Unit

News - TechnologyIt is estimated that somewhere in the region of 150,000 people have a stroke in the UK every year. Most people affected are over 65 years of age but anyone can be affected. It is the third most common cause of loss of life and is a leading cause of severe disability with more than 250,000 people living today with a disability caused by a stroke. (Source: The Stroke Association).

Here in Newcastle we have an Acute Stroke Unit staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field of stroke medicine who provide dedicated and specialist stroke care for everyone who comes here. We offer rapid and early diagnosis following a suspected stroke using advanced, modern technology including CT scanners so that we can commence the right treatment for you as quickly as possible to help rapid recovery.

Comprehensive rehabilitation to help you gain your independence

Some people who have had a stroke recover enough that they don't need any further treatment in hospital and are able to go home. If you do need further care we offer a comprehensive rehabilitation programme involving experienced doctors, nurses and physiotherapists as well as occupational therapists and speech and language therapists working closely with our social worker colleagues to provide all the support and advice you might need to help you regain as much independence as possible. 

Rehabilitation can be arranged through the Cherryburn Unit at the Campus for Ageing and Vitality.

Working in collaboration with North East Ambulance Service

CinderellaIn collaboration with our colleagues at the North East Ambulance Service, we have established a rapid Ambulance protocol to ensure that all appropriate patients are admitted directly to our Acute Stroke Unit on Ward 41 at the RVI rather than via our Emergency Department, and can benefit from the specialist networked physiological monitoring equipment there.

We are at the forefront of stroke research to improve the quality of future stroke care, with the Department of Health recently nominating one of our highly experienced consultants, Professor Gary Ford to coordinate the UK's Stroke Research Network which supports clinical stroke research and is based at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

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