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"A big thank you for looking after my mum for quite a number of weeks.  She has received wonderful treatment and care from everyone.  You are all so dedicated in caring for elderly patients.  May I also congratulate you  on a spotless ward."  Mrs MS

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TIA stands for transient ischaemic attack, often called a mini-stroke, which happens when the brain’s blood supply is interrupted for a very brief time causing symptoms of stroke but passing very quickly. Find out more about TIAs at The Stroke Association.

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Older People's Medicine

Daycare Services

The Falls and Syncope Service (FASS)

The Falls and Syncope Service (FASS) sees patients with problems with blackouts (syncope), unexplained or recurrent falls, and dizziness. Referrals are received from GPs, emergency admissions, North East Ambulance Service and from other hospitals within the region and further afield.

Stroke / Transitory Ischaemic Attack (TIA) clinic

The stroke and TIA clinic provides rapid access specialist assessment for patients with new neurological symptoms suggestive of stroke disease. Referrals are received through GPs or from other consultants within the hospital.

Belsay Unit

The Belsay Unit helps improve the quality of life for older people in a 'day hospital', and runs sessions for patients throughout the day.

The Melville Day Hospital

The Melville Day Hospital is based on the Freeman Hospital site and provides a rapid assessment service for older patients from the North and East of the City, who require multi-agency assessment, or rapid medical assessment for complex medical problems. Referrals can be made by GPs or by other community based health professionals.


Orthorehabilitation provides specialist services for older people admitted to hospital having sustained a fracture.

Outpatient clinics

Outpatient clinics at both the RVI and the Freeman provide specialist assessment of the complex medical issues and chronic conditions seen in older people.

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