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Child Development Centre

The Child Development Centre (CDC) at Newcastle’s Great North Children’s Hospital is where children with learning and physical disabilities are seen by neurologists.

Our services

The CDC works closely with the Children’s Outpatient Department, and together we see around 70,000 young patients every year.

We provide outpatient appointments (where patients don’t need an overnight stay) for children with a range of conditions.

Special facilities

The Child Development Centre is based at the Great North Children’s Hospital at Newcastle’s RVI.

We provide specially-adapted facilities for young people with disabilities, as they sometimes need a different level of support when they come for hospital appointments.

You can find out more about the facilities on the CDC Clinics page.

Calming environment

The CDC offers a unique environment, with a quiet and calming atmosphere. We have a playroom where disabled children can play, away from the hustle and bustle of the Children’s Outpatients Department.

Our staff are aware of all the issues which can affect children, and we aim to cater for every child’s personal needs.

You can expect high levels of hygiene at the CDC, and patients and their families will be listened to, and treated with dignity and respect.


Staff at the CDC are often involved in research projects. You child could have the chance to get involved in research, but you will always be asked whether you would like to take part before anything else happens.

You can find out more about research at the Great North Children’s Hospital.

More information

For details such as how to find the CDC, facilities available, staff you could meet, and what to expect when you arrive, visit the CDC clinic page.

For more details about the Child Development Centre, please contact:

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