Childrens Services

Community Children’s Physical Therapy Services

Our Community Children’s Therapy Services provide highly specialised Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to children in Newcastle who have long-term disabilities and complex health needs.

We work to support the child and their family to reach their greatest physical potential. This includes giving support to schools, respite agencies, and other local community services that children and their families may use.

Specialist services

We see children aged 0 to 19 years who live within the boundaries of Newcastle city. We work closely with other professionals from health, education and social services.

Our services can include:

  • providing specialist assessments and treatment programmes for mobility and functional problems
  • programmes may include respiratory, postural and orthotic (devices to aid movement) management, as well as specialist equipment and housing assessments
  • specialist advice to other professional involved with your child.

Expert support and advice when and where your child needs it

Our team of skilled Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists aim to provide expert support and help in a variety of places in the community, including the child’s home, school, sports centres, clinics and other local facilities.

We work with other organisations to help them provide child-centred, integrated and measured services to your child. The aim is always to help your child be included and have equal opportunities in their daily life.

For children with significant long-term disabilities, we also provide an 'Equipment and Adaptations Occupational Therapy Assessment', which helps the local council to provide housing adaptations and equipment within a child’s home.

How to access our service

Children are referred to our services through a health professional involved in your child's care, for example, a GP, nurse or hospital doctor. In addition, referrals can be made by the local council's Early Education Additional Support Team for pre-school young children, or for housing assessments, a social worker from the Children with Disabilities Team (specific referral forms are available).

More information

For more information about our service, please contact:

  • Ms Jackie Young, Professional Lead
  • Tel: 0191 282 3452
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