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“The Consultant has took the time to discuss and explain treatments and the condition to both myself and my child. They are a good listener and communicated well, making my child feel important and able to ask anything that worried him…”

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Childrens Services

Paediatric Gastroenterology

Our Children’s Gastroenterology and Nutrition Unit deals with disorders of the gut, liver and pancreas, as well as children’s nutritional problems.

Based at the Great North Children’s Hospital, our team includes:

  • expert consultants
  • specialist dieticians
  • paediatric pharmacists
  • highly-trained paediatric nurses.

Together we provide a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services for children from across northern England. Together with the children’s bone marrow transplant team, we also see children from across the country who have rare immune gut disorders.

Specialist services

Our specialist services include diagnostic procedures and treatment in a range of areas:

Diagnostic procedures

We provide a full range of gastroenterology procedures including:

  • upper and lower GI endoscopy (camera tests of the inside of the gullet, stomach and bowel)
  • placement of PEG gastrostomies (a PEG tube passed into the stomach through the abdomen)
  • pH studies (to monitor acid levels)
  • oesophageal high resolution manometry (a tube passed through the nose into the throat) 
  • capsule enteroscopy (a capsule with a camera inside which is swallowed) 
  • sugar malabsorbtion hydrogen breath tests (testing the breath for hydrogen). 

All endoscopies are carried out under general anaesthetic in the dedicated paediatric theatres.

Nutrition service

We provide specialist nutritional support for children with food allergies, poor oral food intake, or severe bowel problems which prevent sufficient nutrition being absorbed through the gut (intestinal failure). The paediatric nutrition team supports children with:

  • gastrostomies (tube through the abdominal wall into the stomach)
  • jejunostomies (tube placed past the stomach into the first part of the intestine)
  • intravenous nutrition in the hospital and at home.

Liver service

Our specialist liver service includes dedicated clinics, and full diagnostic testing including liver biopsy. With colleagues in the paediatric liver units in Leeds and Birmingham, we provide care for children after liver transplantation.

Food allergy and coeliac disease

We diagnose and treat children with disorders such as coeliac disease and food allergies, for which we also have dedicated staff and clinics. Under certain conditions, specialist teams like ours can sometimes diagnose coeliac disease without the need for an endoscopy or a biopsy.

Inflammatory bowel disease

We care for many children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. 

Our expertise in treating IBD in children is recognised across the country. We are one of the largest paediatric IBD services in the UK and the only centre in the North to offer combined paediatric medical and surgical management for the conditions.

We have a dedicated consultant, nursing and admin team with rapid access clinics, telephone and email contact/support, and an SMS text message reminder system for blood monitoring. We work closely with colleagues in the adult inflammatory bowel disease team providing combined clinics for the effective handover and on-going care for older adolescents with IBD.

Working as a team with children and families

We work closely with parents and children, helping you to understand and participate in your child’s care.

We’re very proud that all patient satisfaction surveys since 2006 have demonstrated that more than 95% of parents were very satisfied, or extremely satisfied with our service.

We provide a 24/7 on-call service for paediatric gastroenterology which is led by consultants. This allows all of our patients to have access to the most expert care, including endoscopy, when they require it.

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For more information about our Children’s Gastroenterology services, contact:

  • Dr Mark Anderson, Consultant Paediatrician
  • tel: 0191 282 4077
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