Childrens Services

Helping your child

There are a number of things that you can do when preparing your child for a visit to hospital such as;

  • Talk to your child when it is quiet and you won’t be interrupted. Be honest and use words and phrases that are easy to understand. You may need to explain what a hospital is, e.g. a place where people go when a part of their body does not work properly, and it needs to be fixed. You can use storybooks, leaflets or pictures to help you explain.
  • Tell your child who will be staying with them.
  • Involve your child in the planning for their stay in hospital by deciding what toys and clothes /nightwear they will be able to take with them.
  • Answer any questions your child may have honestly and simply. If you do not know the answer, reassure them that you will find out for them and contact the ward or department you will be visiting.
  • Remember to tell them that they will be coming out of hospital too.

If you or your child are worried, or you think that the staff need to know something specific about your child’s needs, please contact the play team and they will be able to give you help and advice.

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