Childrens Services

What do the play team provide?

The play team help to create fun and enjoyable experiences for children and young people who have to spend time in hospital.

They recognise the important role of play in making children and young people comfortable in hospital. The team can;

  • Create and organise a range of recreational/social activities, this can be in the playroom, waiting area or in some areas at the bedside.
  • Support a child in preparation for, during and after their procedures, investigations and treatments.
  • Support a child or young person to form coping strategies, and gain a sense of control. This is especially important for those children and young people who will have frequent hospital attendances, treatments and tests.
  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate play needs to ensure children are able to meet their full potential.
  • Provide a supportive environment for you, your child and any siblings.
  • Arrange therapeutic play, to aid relaxation and allow the children to explore their worries, feelings and emotions
  • Offer health promotion activities and information
  • Arrange community group visits, for example schools and scout groups, to inform children about what to expect in hospital

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