Childrens Services

What is play?

Children have a right to play and love to play. It comes naturally to them and is essential to their development.

Play can be messy, musical, arty, noisy but most of all its fun!

Through play children can

  • Learn new skills
  • Express emotions
  • Build relationships
  • Make friends

Play can help children understand and make sense of the world around them, whether their world is home or hospital.

Why is play important?

Coming to hospital can be a worrying time for children; they are often in an unfamiliar environment and may have to spend time away from their family and friends.

Play in hospital offers something safe, familiar, enjoyable, comfortable and normal. Through play children can learn about their illness and treatments and can help to make them to feel more comfortable and familiar with their environment.

Observing a child in play can also help to support assessment and diagnosis, as well as speed recovery and help rehabilitation.

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