Childrens Services

Children’s Acute Nursing Initiative (CANI)

CANI is a team of nurses who help with the early discharge of children from hospital.

CANI stands for Children’s Acute Nursing Initiative. We look after children from the Newcastle area who have been unwell in hospital but have improved enough to go home - with the support from CANI’s team of experienced children’s nurses.

Our services

To help children go home earlier, we can:

  • support families to administer the child’s medication
  • provide clinical advice
  • monitor things like temperature, oxygen levels and heart rate
  • give intravenous antibiotics.

A consultant paediatrician at the hospital will still have overall responsibility for your child’s care while the CANI team care for your child. If necessary, the CANI nurse can arrange for your child to be seen again by the doctor at the hospital.

Working in partnership with you

The nurses work in partnership with you to develop a plan of care for your child. We may ask you to monitor and record information about your child’s condition on a simple chart. This will be fully explained to you by a member of the CANI team.

Operational hours

CANI nurses work shifts that cover from 8.00am to 10.00pm, seven days a week all year round. You will be given a phone number so you can speak to one of the nurses if you have any concerns. After 10.00pm, you can speak to a doctor.

Accessing our service

Children and families from the Newcastle area can use the CANI service.

It depends on the nature of your child’s illness and treatment as to whether or not CANI can help. Your doctor and nurse will speak to you about using the team when your child is about to finish their treatment. For more details, please ask your nurse.

Parent comments

Many of the families we look after give us very positive feedback. Here are some of the things they have to say:

“I think this is a brilliant service which every parent should have access to upon leaving hospital. It made me feel much better about bringing my child home knowing I had the support of the CANI team.”

“I would like to commend the commitment of all the CANI team - all members displayed a high level of empathy and consideration given our circumstances.”  

“Without these nurses I don’t think my family could have coped. I would just like to say a very big thank you to the whole team. We need more like you!!”

“It is very good especially to come home earlier. The care was excellent and I think our child got better quicker at home than she would have in hospital.”

“Emma and her team made such a difference to us.  It was lovely for my daughter only to have to spend four days in hospital and continue the treatment at home instead of staying in hospital for 14 days.”

Contact us

For more details about the CANI team, please contact:

  • Emma Willey in the Newcastle Community Children’s Nursing Office
  • Tel: 0191 282 3450
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