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Childrens Services

Children's Outpatient Department, New Victoria Wing (GNCH)

The Children's Outpatient Department is a multi-purpose building at the entrance to the Great North Children's Hospital at Newcastle’s RVI.

Man and boy playing in outpatientsIt is brightly-coloured with large reception desks to greet children and families. 

The department sees around 70,000 children and young people a year with general conditions, and we also cover a huge range of specialties such as:

  • allery and immunology
  • Dietetic Clinic
  • endocrinology (including diabetes and Growth Service)
  • neurology and neonatology
  • orthopaedics
  • plastic surgery
  • respiratory, (including cystic fibrosis and asthma)
  • renal (covering kidney transplants)
  • rheumatology (joints, soft tissue and immune system disorders)
  • surgery (including many specialist treatments).

Most of our patients are referred to us by GPs, but we also see patients from other hospitals across the region.

How to get to Children's Outpatient Department

The Children's Outpatient Department is on Level One, New Victoria Wing, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 4LP

Directions from the New Victoria Wing Main EntranceShow [+] Hide [-]

If you come through the main entrance of New Victoria Wing, walk past the reception desk on your left and the lifts to your right. Turn right and walk towards the glass doors ahead of you, keeping to the right. You will see signs for the Children's Outpatient Department and the Child Development Centre. Turn right into a corridor with an outside play area ahead of you. The Children's Outpatient Department is on your left hand side.


How to get to the hospital

Directions from the Multi Storey Car ParkShow [+] Hide [-]

If you have driven and parked in the multi-storey car park, follow the signs for the New Victoria Wing and you will come out onto level two in the main atrium. Look for the escalator next to the cafeteria area and go down to the floor below.

When you get to the bottom of the escalator, walk towards the glass doors ahead of you, keeping to the right and you will see signs for the Children's Outpatient Department and the Child Development Centre. Turn right into a corridor with an outside play area ahead of you. The Children's Outpatient Department is on your left hand side.


How to get to the hospital

What to expect when you arrive

When arriving at the Children’s Outpatient Department, you should report to the reception desk.

A nurse will then take you through to weigh and measure your child if required. They will also carry out any other tests that may be needed at this stage - for example a urine sample.

The doctor will then call you into the consulting room. After the consultation, the doctor may request more tests - for example a blood test - which will be done by the nursing staff. For this type of test the nurse will offer a choice of ‘numbing agents’, and a play specialist will be there to help distract your child while the test is being done.

Hygiene, dignity and respect 

For hygiene, all staff should be ‘bare below the elbow’ and be wearing a gel bottle attached to their uniform. You and your child will always be treated with dignity and respect.

Keeping children occupied while they wait for their appointment is important to us. We have a highly trained play specialist who ensures that the department looks attractive and that children are occupied while they wait. This can include health promotion advice and display boards, as well as a range of activities and games.

To raise a concern about anything in the department, ask to speak to the sister or the nurse in charge.

Play facilities on the ward

Keeping your child occupied whilst waiting for and during their appointment is very important to us.

The main waiting areas have:

  • A toy box
  • Craft activity
  • Pens and colouring paper

The sub waiting areas have:

  • A games console
  • TV
  • Board games
  • Toy box
  • Colouring papers and pens
  • Where’s Wally sheets

Each consulting room has:

  • A fully equipped toy trolley with hand held toys, building blocks, books, jigsaw puzzle and a separate table with colouring in activities.

There is a separate area for Young people aged 11-19 years with:

  • Xbox and age appropriate games
  • Magazines
  • Games
  • Displays with useful information on YP services provided in and around Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Well stocked leaflet cupboard
  • Music(on some clinics)

If your child requires a blood test this will be carried out in the COPD with the nursing staff and usually with a member of the play team present who can help distract your child during the procedure. The treatment room comes fully equipped with a large Amazing Interactives 3D television, with games and short films to watch. Alongside a range of sensory toys and games to help take your child’s mind off the procedure and help calm any anxieties.

There is an outdoor play park with a slide, climbing frame and other equipment (parental supervision required)

For those children with a learning disability or who may struggle waiting in a busy environment  we can also provide a buzzer so that you can leave the department and come back when it is time to be seen, waiting outside or going for a walk.

Staff you could meet

Our team includes:

  • doctors
  • sister
  • staff nurses
  • health care assistants
  • play specialist/nursery nurses
  • reception staff.

You can identify our staff from their uniforms. 

Things you need to know

  • The Children’s Outpatient Department is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • You should bring along a list of all the medication your child is taking
  • Please note that some children may need further procedures on the day of your appointment, such as blood tests, an x-ray, or a skin testing procedure if attending the allergy clinic
  • All children and families can ask any member of staff for advice
  • We aim to see all patients within 30 minutes of the appointment. If there is a delay and a member of staff has not informed you, please ask.

More information

If you need to contact the Children's Out Patient department regarding an appointment please ring 0191 2824596 
For more details about the Children's Out Patient Department please contact Sister Kathy Seed 0191 2824033

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