Visiting hours

Parents or carers are welcome to visit at any time.


Siblings and other relatives are welcome during the following times:


8.30am - 11.30am

12.30pm - 4.30pm

6.00pm - 8.00pm


Patient quote

"Thank you for all your care and support shown to Ben and us as a family.  We really have appreciated all the amazing work you do.  Ben is making a steady recovery and we know that he will be a much happier little boy in a couple of weeks."  Ben's family

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Childrens Services

Ward 8a New Victoria Wing (GNCH)

Ward 8a is the children’s ENT ward. Our registered nurses, play specialists and health care assistants are all specially trained in the care of sick children. 

We provide care for young people from 1 month to 16 years, who need a range of ENT treatments such as:

  • insertion of grommets
  • tonsillectomy
  • emergency care admissions.  

Some patients are admitted as day cases, and others as inpatients who will stay at least overnight, or for a few days, depending on their condition. Your child’s admission will be discussed with you during the outpatient appointment and pre-admission assessment visit.

Emergency admissions

Emergency admissions to our ward are usually referred by your GP and admitted via the Emergency Department, or other hospitals.

How to find us

Directions to the wardShow [+] Hide [-]

Ward 8a is on Level 4 of the Great North Children's Hospital, New Victoria Wing, RVI

  • Enter the main entrance and keep to the right hand side just past the Pharmacy shop there you will see the lift and stairs. 
  • Enter the lift and select level 04 upon exiting the lift please follow the corridor straight across the atrium through Ward 8a arriving at your destination.

How to get to the hospital

Staff you are likely to meet

The Ward 8a team is led by Sister Jacqueline Gunn who is assisted by Sister Nicola Readman. The ward-based team includes:

  • nursing staff
  • play specialists
  • health care assistants 
  • ward clerks.

We are assisted by a team of domestic staff who help us to keep our ward clean. Surgeons and medical staff visit the ward on a regular basis.

You can identify the staff on our ward by their uniforms.

Play facilities

If you are coming onto the ward for an operation you may have been seen in pre assessment a little while ago. During this visit you will have been given a dream ticket for you to write down what you would like to dream about when you have your special sleep. You can bring this with you when you return to the ward for your operation.

In our bay we have a small play area which has lots of toys for you to play with such as building blocks, a dolls house, games, drawing, painting and lots more. Our nursery nurse Lisa has lots of fun activities to keep you busy too.

Each bed has its own television with loads of channels to choose from including the radio. The ward also has a portable DVD player if you would like to relax and watch a DVD or you can play on our Wii console.

You are welcome to bring your own activities onto the ward such as your favourite toy, magazine, DVD or tablet.

We like to have lots of fun on ward 8A and hope you enjoy all the exciting activities we do during your visit.

Things you need to know

If your child is coming to ward 8a, please remember:

  • please complete all documentation sent out with the admission letter and bring this with you on your admission day  
  • if your child is asked to attend at either 7.30am or 11.00am they will be having their surgery on the same day - the nurse will let you know their position on the theatre list
  • if your child is asked to attend at 2.00pm they will be having their surgery the following day. Please ensure that you read your admission letter thoroughly to ensure that you understand your child’s fasting instructions
  • all children are required to wear a theatre gown for their operation but will also need: slippers, night wear, dressing gown and toiletries if they are an inpatient. Your child’s length of stay will depend on their condition.  
  • we have open visiting for parents or carers. Two other visitors and siblings can visit between:
    • 8.30am - 11.30am                                     
    • 12.30pm - 4.30pm
    • 6.00pm - 8.00pm  
  • only one parent can stay overnight with the child
  • we are not able to provide meals or hot drinks for parents - these are available from restaurants within the hospital.
  • before admission, you and your child may be asked to attend a pre-assessment clinic. During this short visit the nurse practitioner will examine your child and will be able to answer your questions. Please ensure that the person accompanying your child to the pre-assessment knows the child’s entire medical history, GP details, health visitor information etc. Please ensure that no more than two people attend both the pre-assessment and the admission, as the ward gets very busy and we can't accommodate more than two people per patient    


More information

For more information about Ward 8a, please contact:

  • Sister Jacqueline Gunn
  • tel: 0191 282 4368
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